Top 5 Things To Do During Mud Season

Dated: 05/07/2018

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The Mud Season is a mountain and ski resort term to describe the time where most of the snow melts and creates mud. It is usually from mid-April through the end of May and this is the time where most of Colorado’s ski and ride communities close as the precious base depth melts into the land. This leaves a very sloppy remnant of the white winter days. In other words, this is the time where ski resorts close and when the summer activities arise.

The description might sound messy and dirty to most but it opens up a lot of new activities. Also, it can be very beautiful as the weather warms up and the amazing and enchanting wildflowers and grass start to grow.

Here are some of the wildflowers with their names:

To entice you further on why you should come to Crested Butte during Mud Season, here are the top 5 things to do:

1. Biking
Granted that this activity might be a little weather and trail dependent, it is a great way, however, to get active and get a chance to see the most beautiful views of what Crested Butte has to offer. As we progress into the spring, the trails dry out especially down valley in Gunnison.

2. Go rafting
A day on the river beats any bad day at work. During this time of year, the rivers begin to flow and the temps are up. This is a fun day relaxing while soaking it all in.

3. Hot Springs
At this time, the temperature can be unpredictable. It is still a little chilly but visitors always have a chance to try basking in the hot spring. There are numerous natural hot springs all over Colorado and most within driving distance from Crested Butte.

4. Fishing
This activity can be very relaxing and fun and Crested Butte offers a lot of places to fish. If your new or have never tried fishing there are a few courses offered by the local activities department.

5. Pamper yourself with the luxuries of the off season
Lastly, an advantage of going to Crested Butte during the Mud Season is its affordable prices. Since this is an off season, the demand of certain amenities drops off and that is something that travelers should consider as the prices for them go down as well. This is the time where there are fewer tourists traveling so preparing for a calm and relaxing emersion is certain. Visitors have a chance to stay in one of the most high-end resorts for a fraction of the price often going below half off. Restaurants and shops at this time also offer major sales and promotions.

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