Top 10 Questions To Ask When Buying A Home

Dated: 06/21/2018

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When we buy clothes and electronic devices, this can give us a satisfying feeling, a sort of temporary bliss. However, buying a home is uniquely different though it will indeed give us a satisfying feeling. It goes beyond monetary value. Buying a home serves as an initiation that you are really an adult, it is a sign that you can be responsible, it shows that you are successful, it is a testament that you are ready for the next chapter of your life and most importantly, it serves as bright future for you and your family.
Buying a home might be one of the most nerve wrecking yet most fulfilling part of one’s life, especially when you are a first time buyer. But we always have to be one step ahead of things. It is not enough that the house we want is pretty, is in a neighborhood that you like and is close to our work. We have to make sure that the house is right and we have to remember that this house will be part of our lives for a long time, so doing ones research before choosing our future home goes a long way.
So let's ask ourselves, "What are questions we should ask when buying a home?" Here are the top ten questions to ask:
1. Why is the seller selling?
In a job interview, the question "Why are you applying for this job?" is a frequently asked question in order for the interview to gage the applicants motive. It might be just a simple question but it is actually a hard question to answer. Same goes with "why is the seller selling?" This simple question can dig deep into the personal reason of the seller on why he or she decided to sell the house. You will get a chance to know some other information about the house itself. This question can also allow you to gage if the house is worth your time, money and effort.
2. Are there nuisance factors?
It is not enough that the home is in a good neighborhood. It may very well be in one, however major construction from across the street, a lot of traffic from the cars passing by and even the barking of a dog of your next door neighbor can play a big factor to your life. Remember purchasing a home regardless of the purpose, may it be for personal or for investment, is a long time thing. Loud noises at night for the rest of your life might make you more irritable.
Asking help from the local government in the future can help to an extent but imagine having bad blood with neighbors. This is another stress factor that you don't want to have. Knowing thing like these ahead of time can save you from having lack of sleep and irritation.
3. Has there been any major repairs in the house?
The very quote "don't judge a book by its cover" is very true when buying a home. Asking the seller about all the major repairs is very important as you need these details to insure yourself that the home you are purchasing is in order and will not breakdown in a matter of months regardless of how beautiful it looks like.
This is a wise question to ask as it can help you prevent spending a lot of money in the future. Make sure that the roofs have no leaks, make sure that the attic is well insulated, make sure that the electrical sockets all work. All these are valid questions to ask before making a deal.
4. Has the sewer ever backed up?
This question goes hand in hand with question number 3 and can sometimes be an odd question to ask. However, you'd be suprised on houses with this type of issue. You might hop into the shower one day then realize that the drainage is clogged and as time goes by, it gets worse and worse.
This type of problem can really become messy and most homeowner insurance policies don't cover this type of issue. This will only lead to days of repair that can cost about $150.

Now let's go further to the technical side of things...

5. Is there anything that is not included in the sale of the house?
When you go to any open house, make sure to ask this question. You wouldn't want to go around a house, purchase it, and then realize that the pool table that you fell in love with is not included in the sale. There are also cases where fixtures and other furniture are not included and you might be wondering where the classic wall sconces, that you want, are. Basically, it is not unknown for what are and what are not included as part of the sale but asking a question like this can help you make sure what to expect.
6. Is there documentation on work done to the house?
Having documents as proof goes a long way. Everything and anything should be documented in a contract and proof of things repaired should at least have a receipt. Securing these legal documents is for your own safety and advantage so that if ever something is unclear or something goes wrong, you have solid evidence about that issue.
7. How much is this property worth in our present market?
This question if more for your financial interest. We all want a home that is beautiful, secure, big and is in our price range. We also want a fair price for the value of our home, so asking around about the properties worth is important. Of course, your agent can help you with these matters, so it is also very important to get a great one for the job.
8. What kind of mortgage should I get?
If you do not exactly have the cash up front to pay for your home, there are many options in terms of mortgages to choose from. This is more of a personal question to ask oneself but asking an agent a type of mortgage that suits your budget can help you pay the mortgage easier without compromising too much of your personal budget and needs.
Remember that there really is no one size fits all type of loan and making negotiations can help you plan out a budgets that suits you and saves you from being overwhelmed.
9. How much should I offer?
Making an offer is a little tricky especially when you have other competitors targeting the same house. Offering too little and you may lose the deal and offering too much might leave you overwhelmed with expenses. You need to work hand in hand with the right agent to compare homes that are in the area and see where the median is.
Communicate well with your buyer's agent and make sure there is frequent communication between you and the sellers. If you find that you are not satisfied with their negotiations, don't be afraid to make counter offers. Remember to utilize your buyer's agent to have a professional take to all these legal negotiations. They play a very big part in your success in winning a bid for a home.
10. How can I make my offer stand out?
It is true that money plays a huge factor on which buyer the seller wants to have business with when there are multiple offers. However, that is not the only factor that comes into play. Try tackling this in a more personal level. You want a house for a better future for yourself and a home usually has sentimental value to the current owners. It is built with happy memories, hopes and dreams.
You will be surprised that there are many buyers that win the deal due to a compelling personal story or personal note to the seller. Being upfront and open to what you intend to do with the house and provide a clear vision for the seller can trigger their heart strings. Be generous, grateful and kind when proposing your offer. Treating the seller as you want to be treated can actually help seal the deal.

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