IFSA Junior Regional Freeskiing Competition 2 Star Freeride World Qualifier

Dated: 02/02/2018

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When you’re a parent, nothing is better than seeing our children being happy, playing around with their toys, friends and family. It is indeed totally healthy that our children go outside our homes and experience fun and exciting outdoor activity.  This is more so true when our children become teenagers. Most teenagers need to express themselves in different ways, what better way for them to release excessive energy than to channel it into something productive. In our modern times, more and more of our future generations cling to technology. This can really help in their growth and event their careers in the futures but by doing physical activities is just as important in term of health.

Winter is still here in Crested Butte and there are still so many outdoor activities to choose from. The most common once are skiing and snowboarding. These activities are offered almost anywhere in town which you can try on your own or hire an expert to teach you for all skill levels.

Other winter activities in Crested Butte are the sleigh ride dinner at Uley’s cabin, going to the Winter Adventure Park, trying out the Zip-line Tours, kids night out, uphill skiing, free guided mountain ski tours, snowshoe tours, snow biking, snowmobile tours, fat biking, Crested Butte’s wellness retreat, Crested Butte Nordic Magic Meadow Yurt dinner experience, winter trail rides, cross-country skiing and many more.

Right now, there are two major events that are coming to the Crested Butte. These are the IFSA Junior Regional Freeskiing Competition and the 2 Star Freeride World Qualifier.

TheInternational Freeskiers and Snowboarders Association better known as IFSA, was established in 1996 by freeskiing pioneer Shane McConkey. This non-profit organization provides continuous progression from the early development of junior athletes through adulthood. This year, on March 8, 2018, Crested Butte will be hosting the Regional competition of this event. As the title of the first event applies, IFSA Junior Regional Freeskiing Competition, junior competitors, ages 12-18, will compete in the famed Crested Butte Extremes.

2 Star Freeride World Qualifier is the next competition, which will be an all-day event on March 16, 2018. This event is in conjunction with the Freeride World Tour on March 15, 2018. The top athlete in each category will be awarded a complimentary “wildcard” spot in the 4 Star Qualifier at Crested Butte on March 16 and 17.

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