Full Moon At Ten Peaks In Crested Butte

Dated: 01/19/2018

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Image titleThe moon is one of the most beautiful celestial objects we see in the sky. Our earth's natural satellite has influenced many stories, myths and science studies alike. From our childhood, we always gaze upon the moon with great wonder and appreciation.

The moon has inspired so many and in different countries have inspired many festivals. The most popular festival for this is the Mid Autumn festival, also known as the Moon Festival or Harvest Moon Festival of China. It is a festival celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. This festival was originally celebrated to give thanks for a good harvest, though the celebration has changed significantly, the people of China continue to celebrate it by gazing at the full moon during Autumn. Many people celebrate this event by eating moon cakes and being with family, as the full moon means being complete.

Here in Crested Butte, we have the Full Moon At Ten Peaks In Crested Butte

Though not technically a festival, it is, however, a chance for you to take a self-guided skin or snowshoe tour to the top of Ten Peaks and warm up inside the Umbrella Bar.

The Umbrella Bar is a new additional feature in Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) that is open for the season. This was originally a small cabin at the top of Painter Boy which has now been modified to become this impressive circular bar with a 360-degree view of the landscape.

Please be reminded to bring your ID as the Umbrella Bar requires it. The event will be held on 3 separate dates. January 31st, March 1st, and on March 31st all of which are the dates of the full moon phase. The event will start at 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm for all dates.

Get your tickets as early as possible to secure a spot in the event as space is limited. The event tickets are on sale in advance or at the Adventure Center for $40 per person. Purchasing a ticket will allow you to enjoy an indulging buffet dinner under the full moon, including fondue, salad, soup or chili, dessert and one complimentary wine or beer. Other additional beverages, however, will be available for purchase. Lastly, just a heads up, do not forget your headlamp and make sure you layer up because of the cold winter evening.

So if you believe that the Full Moon At Ten Peaks is the perfect retreat to spend your vacation by yourself or with family and friends, come to Crested Butte and celebrate this amazing event with the community.

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