Fishing Subdivisions In Crested Butte

Dated: 08/28/2018

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Fishing is one of the more relaxing activities one can do here in Crested Butte and one of my personal favorite past times! It has this serene feel to it that almost seems enchanting while one is basking in the picturesque landscape of the surrounding mountains. How much better does it get than that?
Crested Butte
 has many lakes and clean, mountain rivers which include the East River, Taylor River, and Gunnison river. There are also a couple of premier subdivisions around these areas that offer fishing rights to residents, guests, and visitors. By fishing here, one can catch a great assortment of species of fish which include the Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and the Kokanee Salmon.
If fishing is your desire and you want to live in a community that offers private fishing rights, there are a few detailed areas below to consider.

East River Ranches

The East River Ranches are a small collection of 35-acre parcels, located on the East River and just 5 miles away from the town. This area is also known to have premier acre parcels in the county. The park-like grounds are truly remarkable with serene views of nature. Upon arrival, guest can hear the tranquil sounds of nature combined with the ever so gentle sound of moving water from the East River and multiple natural waterfalls throughout.
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Danni Ranch

The land area of the ranch consists of 19, 35+ acre parcels, all of which have breathtaking views of the surrounding mountainous landscape. Residents here are given special fishing rights and given access to the East River, where they can catch a variety of fish including Colorado's famous trout.
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Hidden Mine Ranch

Residents and visitors will truly enjoy Hidden Mine Ranch's which has the pristine wilderness and ranch living experiences with newly added amenities like paddle boarding, fishing and swimming in the reservoir. Residents will also have access to the Slate River and trails to the historic Buckley Mine Site with lakes on the upper property. The community is complete with the necessary amenities, yet it is perfectly secluded between Whetstone Mountain Ranch on the northeast and the Gunnison National Forest on the southwest.
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Wilder on the Taylor

Wilder on the Taylor is a gorgeous community established in the early 1900s with lots of riverfront and mountainside homesites available. This subdivision is located near the Taylor River in Crested Butte that offers its residents fishing rights which are said to be world class. In fact, it is a perfect community for those who enjoy fly fishing as the river is home to a wide range of fish which include the trophy rainbows and browns. Professional anglers and fishing enthusiasts will indeed have a great time here.

Hidden River Ranch

Hidden River Ranch
like East River Ranch is a large acreage community and is known to be a premier fishing community located near the town of Crested Butte.  Residents here have private fishing rights over a long stretch of the East River and access to a stocked fishing pond.
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Pristine Point at Crested Butte

Pristine Point at Crested Butte is an impressive natural beauty situated in the Washington Gulch Valley, right off of Washington Gulch Road. The community has it’s very own private stream perfect for fishing and within a minute of access to National Forest. The area is also unmatched when it comes to stunning views for the 18 homesites.
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Crested Butte South Subdivision

CB South is an extension of Crested Butte, 8 miles south of the town and has a number of unique amenities including a hockey rink, soccer field, tennis courts, restaurants, a coffee shop and a preschool. In addition to two access points to fish along the East River, the National Forest access is less than a 5-minute drive off of Cement Creek and one of the best early season hiking trails called the Caves Trail. Cement Creek is also used for dirt biking, mountain biking, fishing, hiking and Nordic skiing in the winter.
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Riverbend Subdivision

Riverbend Subdivision is a beautiful small community located a few miles outside of downtown Crested Butte right off of highway 135. Views here do not disappoint. Living near town has many perks, residents have easy access to many biking and hiking trails during the summer, including the Deli Trail which can easily take the residents to town. It also offers fishing rights for those anglers and fishing enthusiasts along the Slate River.
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Meridian Lake Meadows

Meridian Lake Meadows is one of three subdivisions along Washington Gulch Road. These subdivisions are comprised of the Meridian Lake Park, Pristine Point at Meridian Lake and of course the Meridian Lake Meadows. Meridian Lake itself is situated about one mile south-west of Mt. Crested Butte and offers quick access to our National Forests. The beloved Long Lake, a high altitude lake, is located within this area as is the mountain bikers and hikers favorite, Snodgrass Trailhead.
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So what are you waiting for? If you are visiting Crested Butte for the first time try checking out those amazing complexes that will not let you down.
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