Crested Buttes Top 5 Hiking Trails

Dated: 07/03/2018

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Crested Butte is famous for its cozy and quite town, filled with a lovely mountainous charm. The town is also known for its fun outdoor activities especially in winter when the Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) opens to allow guest to try skiing and snowboarding. However, the other seasons like spring, summer and fall also provides a bunch of fun outdoor activities.
One activity of such is hiking, but what are the best places to hike along? Here are the top 5 hiking trails in Crested Butte that you might be interested to try.
Rustlers Gulch

To start things of, Crested Butte is known to be the wildflower capital of Colorado. It has a wide variety of wildflowers that grow in spring and can be found in almost every place. For this reason, many tourists come from all over the states to see them. What better way to appreciate these colorful gems then to go hiking. One popular hiking trail is the Rustlers Gulch which is about a 45 minute trail and is 7 miles long. This trail is perfect for those who want to exercise while still having time to view the beautiful mountains and admire the wonderful wildflowers that grow along the trail.

July and early August is the perfect time to go there as the wildflowers are at their peak of full bloom providing stunning colors and wonderful fragrances when walking or hiking along the trail.
Lower Loop Trail
Lower Loop Trail is a perfect trail to try for beginners, as the trail is fairly easy to hike along that follows the Slate River through the valley. Looking around, hikers can bask in the beauty of the open landscape surrounded by mountainous views. Lower Loop is quite a long trail that, about 6.4 mile loop, that can branch out to connect to other trails like the Woods Walk and the Budd Trail.
A great thing about this trail is that you can try different paths for mountain biking and hiking. There are also a couple of benches available for people to relax, take a breather and enjoy the stunning sceneries like the Gothic Mountain which, on a good day, can be reflected in the calm water of Peanut Lake. There are also useful signs along the trail to help guide visitors of their location and how to go along the trail.
Upper Loop Trail
Another popular trail is the Upper Loop. Though this is a lot more difficult and challenging than the Lower Loop. The whole loop is about 7.6 miles long and can be fairly easy at the first and last parts of the trail. This trail like the lower loop offers a lot of stunning views but can be a little difficult specially in the middle portion where there are rocky technical section in the trees which is short but can be challenging to go around. After this, guests can witness the enchanting open meadows filled with lush wildflowers.
Again, like the lower loop, the upper loop also has branches connecting to other trails. An example of this, is that guests have the option to travel to Tony's Trail, which is about half mile or so within the trail.
Horse Ranch Park Loop
The Horse Ranch Park Loop is one of the most majestic trail to choose from. It is advised to travel there during summer where the vibrant green and lush terrain of the aspen forest can be seen. It is also incredible to hike along during fall when the leaves start to change colors from hues of orange and patches of gold cover almost everything and even the trail itself looks like a natural carpet filled with wonderful colors.
This loop is about 6 miles long and can take about 3.5 hours to cover. The trail is indeed beautiful with the Ruby peak just in the background but do take note as the trail can be very challenging, due to its rocky terrain. Climbing up the rock spine is also not advisable as there are many loose rocks and steeps along the way.
The trail is also connected to the Lake Irwin trail, the Dyke Trail and the Oh Be Joyful Pass Trail.
Red Lady (Mt. Emmons) via Scarp Ridge
Since Crested Butte is a mountainous town, people travel here not just to admire the mountains by a far but to have a chance to climb a or many mountains. Once particular hiking trail that can offer this experience is the Red Lady (Mt. Emmons) via Scarp Ridge Trail. Trying this trail out is a total breath taking experience figuratively and literally.
Starting this trail in mid-July, guest are greeted with the charming views of wildflowers that grow along the trail. As hikers ascend further up the mountain trail, they will be able to witness a 360 degree mountain view. A great thing about this trail is that hikers can also witness the rust colored cliffs and emerald alpine lakes.
Reaching the peak might be a little difficult but it can also be a heartwarming experience as hikers can be proud of the obstacle that they tackled. These hikers can also have the privilege to take the most amazing selfies and groufies.
With all these amazing trail, travelers will never get board. Each trail is so unique from one another giving everyone a different experience with whichever trail they take. So what are you waiting for? Come to Crested Butte and try out these hiking trails.
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