Crested Buttes Top 10 Things To Do In The Summer

Dated: 06/18/2018

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Summer is here! This is the season where kids don't have to go to schools and where you can plan an exciting vacation for the whole family. One destination that you should not miss out on is our town, Crested Butte, Colorado. If you are searching for the right place to vacation, please read why we think you should visit our town. We have compiled our top 10 list of things to do when vacationing here!
Known as the Wildflower capital of Colorado, Crested Butte is rich with summer activities and abundant in natural wonders. Its town immerses you to breathtaking mountainous feeling with the most charming homes, diverse animals, colorful flowers and endless picturesque sceneries.

So if you do decide to come here, what can you do? Here are Top 10 Things To Do In The Summer in Crested Butte:

1. Archery
Surprisingly, archery has been a very popular summer activity in Crested Butte due to the hunting opportunities that are legally permitted by the government through this time of the year. Aligned with this, the Crested Butte Mountain Resort has been providing archery courses at the top of the Red Lady Express for people with all skill levels to practice their archery skills all summer long.

2. Biking
A very famous activity here in Crested Butte has got to be biking, mountain biking in particular as Crested Butte and the whole of the Gunnison Valley as a wide assortment of biking trails to choose from. This sport is so famous that there has been an annual bike week event that is held usually in the month of June. For this year, 2018, it will be on June 20th through the 24th.
Click our bike week article to learn more about this event.
3. Camping
For those who want a complete mountain life immersion, camping can be a fun summer activity to try. The best place to try camping is at the Crested Butte RV Resort where one can sit back and relax. Before you try camping, however, do read on some camping etiquettes online to assure your and other's safety. Learning simple ways like picking up one's trash or putting out campfires can help protect the ecosystem and help prevent forest fires and wild animal attacks. Also check to make sure we aren't having any firebans due to low moisture. This year we are and unfortunately, no campfires are allowed but lots of funs can still be had camping!
Click this article about camping etiquettes to learn about the do's and don'ts when camping.

4. Fishing
If peace and quiet are more your speed, fishing might be the summer activity to try. Fishing in Crested Butte is almost therapeutic as one can sit back and relax, after casting one's fishing line, on a sturdy chair and gaze open the natural mountainous beauty of CB.
5. Hiking
Hiking is extremely fun, especially with a large group of people. If you are up for a long and vigorous walk, then this might be the thing for you. Hiking can be a little tiring but here in Crested Butte, there are many trails to choose from. Regardless of your skill level and endurance, there are different trails that can suit one's comfort zone.
If you would like to challenge yourself, try the Red Lady (Mt. Emmons) via Scarp Ridge, it might be a little difficult ascending to the peak of a mountain but the rewards of reaching the end is truly rewarding.
Click our article about the top 5 hiking trails in Crested Butte to learn about the best hiking trails in CB.

6. Horseback Riding
For those who dream of Fantasy Ranch Horseback Adventure, we might have a solution for you. Horseback riding is extremely fun to do. Here in Crested Butte, we offer to take you back to the good old days when people get up on their saddles and go around the mountainous wilderness on their horses. Riding on a horse is a great experience and would only cost about $40-$60 per person for short rides.
7. Rock Climbing
Another way to challenge yourself is to try rock climbing. Crested Butte offers numerous packages for this activity ranging from half day that starts at 1 pm to 3 pm at either the Taylor Canyon or Cement Creek Canyon to the full day climbs which will teach you the basics on how to belay, repel and how certain gears and equipment work. This is a chance for beginners to try.
8. Stand-up Paddle Boarding
Stand-up paddleboarding is a fairly new activity here in Crested Butte but has increased in popularity recently. Inspired by the surfers from Hawaii, this creative way of traveling along the rivers and lakes across CB and in the Gunnison valley is truly immersive to get the best feel of nature as possible. This soothing sport is fun to do with a group of people. Try it out in Slate River with your family and friends.
Click our article about the SUP to learn about the best hiking trails in CB.
9. Summer Camps
For families with children ranging from 5 to 14 year old, there are many summer camps to choose from, including CAMP CB. This well throughout camp offers the best CB activities for your kids to try. Kids will be educated about the flora and fauna of Crested Butte while taking the many nature walks. The kids can challenge themselves in climbing the rock wall which is in the adventure park. Kids can try lift rides, hiking, biking and all sorts of sports and art activities that can strengthen their physique, their creativity and their social skills.
10. Zip-line
In the summer, Crested Butte Summer resort opens up for the Zip-line tour. This is a thrilling experience for those who are not afraid of heights and for those who want to conquer their fears of it. There are about 5 zip lines to choose from with lengths of up to 120 to 400 feet connected by suspended wood bridges and towering platforms.
Zip-lining currently, is about $60 and the resort can offer a package for a price amounting to $111 per person for those who would like to try river rafting afterwards.
Click our outdoor activities article to learn more about these and other cool activities that Crested Butte has to offer.
If you need help with lodging or rent accommodations or inquiries relating to real estate purchase or if you are ready to sell, let me buy you a cup of coffee and let's discuss Crested Butte's potential. Who do you know that wants to buy or sell a property? Let the Heather Woodward Team help. You can contact me on my cell phone (970)596-1394 or send me an email at

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