Crafted Tasting Event In Crested Butte 2019

Dated: 02/25/2019

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There is nothing like drinking a well crafted beverage during winter to warm up the body, especially in a high altitude location like Crested Butte. Beer, like most alcoholic beverages, goes hand in hand with festivities; and Crested Butte takes pride in appreciating this special art.
In Crested Butte, we celebrate this craft by dedicating a local event to those professional brewers, beer connoisseurs, and beer enthusiasts, a like. On March 2, 2019, 2 pm through 6 pm, we will be celebrating the 2019 Crafted Tasting Event in Crested Butte at the Elevation Hotel and Spa, 500 Gothic Road. The event will not only showcase beer, but spirits, wines and foods, as well.
There are no details of the invitation list, but we can expect professional brewers, local and regional food vendors, and retail vendors to be selling their products. In some areas in Colorado, with similar events, there are professional brewers that will take part in competitions. The winning prize is given to the ones with the boldest, baddest beer of the festival.
Brewing beer is indeed a delicate craft and provides beer lovers a lot to talk about. One beer can be so different from others in terms of flavor, how we perceive it and most of all, how one can describe it. We are truly glad to have this type of event happen in Crested Butte.
In any case, this is everyone’s chance to have and celebrate a tasting, featuring Colorado’s best craft brews. Enjoy a day of festivities with tons of delicious drinks, food, live music, and a ski giveaway while witnessing the beauty of the sunset.
To learn more about this event in 2018, click on the Crafted Tasting Event in Crested Butte article from last year.
Want to make reservations for the event? Click on the links below:

Don’t know how to get here? I got you covered! Try checking out these sites below to learn more about schedules of flights and buses coming in and out of Crested Butte.
Rural Transit Authority (RTA)

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