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Dated: 06/22/2018

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There is no better place for Mountain Biking than in Crested Butte, Colorado. The terrain, the weather, the trails and the picturesque mountains - the iconic mountain biking experience. That is why it makes perfect sense that Crested Butte is the birthplace of mountain biking.
Since summer is up an coming here in Crested Butte, there will be an assortment of events that will follow. One of the most wackiest and funny ones is the Chainless bike race during bike week.
Bike Week

The 38th Annual Crested Butte Bike Week is set to open on June 20 and is a 5 day event that will proceed through the 24th of June and is the oldest bike festivals in the valley. This is a special event that celebrates all things about mounting biking that will help educate, promote team work, celebrate health, help train, provide awareness and showcase the latest gadgets related to biking. This is the great granddaddy of mountain biking festivals. And no mountain biking festival is complete without a race or two.
This is a fun event that welcomes everyone to participate in. This event will have 3 major races which include the Chainless World Championships, the Fat Tire 40 and the Jr. Wildflower Classic. Not to mention, there will also be a Film Fest, free clinics opened and a Bridges of the Butte Townie Tour. The event will also serve good beer and great parties for everyone to enjoy.
Come watch or participate in the various biking events. There simply is no excuse not to miss the event as Bike week is now a 5 day celebration of all things mountain biking.
The event schedule goes as followed:
- On June 20th, Wednesday, the events will be the Historic Mountain Bike Tour & the Pinnacle Series.
- On June 21st, Thursday, the events will be the Guided Ride, the Skills Clinic, the Townie Takeover & the Bike Movie Night.
- On June 22nd, Friday, the events will be the Guided Ride, the Chainless Downhill Championships, the Strider Cup & the Crested Butte Devo Film Fest.
- On June 23rd, Saturday, the events will be the Fat Tire 40, the Big Mountain Enduro, the Guided Ride, the Skills Clinic, the Bridges of the Butte & the PBJ Expo.
- Lastly, on June 24th, Sunday, the events will be the Big Mountain Enduro, the Junior Wildflower Classic & the Bridges of the Butte.
If your interested in the event, do hurry and buy your ticket now as there will be discounted tickets at the CBMR’s Evolution Bike Park so one can enjoy lift-served downhill all weekend for just $22 per day.

Chainless Bike Race
Now that we are aware of the schedule, let's move on to the most thrilling and enjoyable event during bike week, the Chainless Bikerace. Only in Crested Butte can we create a race that uses gravity on a race like this. It is really a fun event where you can use big bikes, big costumes and props in the race. This is totally worth your money.
What are the guidelines? Racers weigh down their bikes, put on ridiculous costumes, and remove their chains (or just zip tie them). The one who stays off their brakes the most wins. There will be an after party up in Elk Avenue. Every racer, ages 21 and above gets two beer tickets. This really goes to show that everyone is a winner.
Here is a video to watch to give you a little feel of what the chainless bike race looks like.
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