Battle Of The Bartenders 2019

Dated: 08/19/2019

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What better way to spend a weekday than to have an afternoon of cocktails and competition. Here in Crested Butte, we will host the Center’s inaugural Crested Butte Battle of the Bartenders on September 24 at 5:30 pm, sponsored by Montanya Distillers. The festivities will be held at the Center for the Arts. Tickets can be purchased at the Center for the Arts or the Depot on Elk, which will cost $35 per person but can be $30 per head for those early birds.
The event will have local bartenders going head to head to compete for the title of the “Butte’s Best”. This honor goes with town wide bragging rights. The rules state that each contestant has to create the most “wicked” cocktail using Montanya Distillers’ obsessively crafted rum. After that, it is up to the esteemed panel of world-renowned rum experts to judge which bartender comes out on top. This year, Crested Butte’s own Karen Hoskin (Co-Founder and Co-Owner, Montanya Distillers), will be on the panel of judges.
The event is for everyone’s amusement and is the perfect time for people to go around the new center building to socialize and mingle with the crowd. One can go and sip delicious drinks and eat a few cocktail delicacies. This is also the time where your vote for a favorite beverage matters, as it can help determine the people’s choice champion. Click on “tickets” to reserve a spot for the event.
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