Hot Springs In Crested Butte

Dated: 03/09/2020

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Basking in a hot spring can be a relaxing experience, and can even be a great bonding moment for family and friends. In fact, hot springs have been known to have healing properties and have been considered as a therapeutic method that is widely accepted in Europe and Japan as natural treatment options for various common ailments.
A famous hot spring located in Southwest Iceland is the Blue Lagoon. This geothermal spa in a lava field near Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula is claimed to have healing properties, especially for those people who suffer from skin deceases like eczema. Some benefits of basking in a hot spring include boosting blood circulation, reducing stress, helping with sleeping issues like insomnia, and relieving pain.

There are even cases where animals partake in this activity. Japanese snow monkeys that live in Jigokudani Monkey Park are known to bathe in hot springs. Animal experts and scientists believe it helps them soothe levels of a metabolite associated with stress, and frankly are just an awesome way to escape from the cold. This type of behavior is not observed among other groups of macaques.
Since Crested Butte is located in a high altitude and we experience more cold weather throughout the year, soaking ourselves in nice, hot spring can be considered a fulfilling day. It is really a spectacular occasion to go on a hot spring trip. I can already imagine relaxing in a hot spring and just enjoying the views of mountainous landscapes and bluebird skies. In this article I have made a list of wonderful hot springs to visit when you come to Crested Butte.
Avalanche Ranch

This hot spring is known to provide a comfortable bathing experience. In this location there are three basic pools on three levels, each having its own specific temperature level. There is even a little known barrel hot tub in a cabin above the highest pool. Guests have the luxury to choose the pool they are most comfortable with; however, I find that many choose a spot at the first pool where they can swim and sit under the waterfall.
Other amenities include recliner chairs, a unisex bathroom, a parking lot and lodging areas. If you are considering visiting the area, take note that during each day session, only 15 people are permitted.
Conundrum Hot Springs
This hot spring location is known to provide a wonderful hiking experience with a picturesque trail. Located near Aspen, the waters are crystal clear and features a neat, little waterfall. The Conundrum Hot Springs are located 8.5 miles from Conundrum Creek Trailhead off Castle Creek Road.
While camping in this location, you can immerse yourself in nature. Many hikers claim to have seen a variety of forest creatures. The best time to visit is from June until September. Dogs are not allowed.
Creekside Hotsprings Cabin
The origin of the cabin was a private home established in 2008. Since there was a natural spring running into the field, the owners decided to contain the hot spring water. This is truly an amazing location with lots of mountain views, and many deer sightings.
With no access to internet and very limited cell phone coverage, guests can do nothing else but genuinely relax and get their minds off a busy day of stress.
With all these really amazing hot springs, I’m guessing you are choosing your next travel destination to one right now. These are just some of the fun hot springs I can think of in the area, but one thing is for sure, they are truly diamonds in the rough.
If you are considering making a real estate purchase or if you are ready to sell, let me buy you a cup of coffee and let’s discuss Crested Butte’s potential. Who do you know that wants to buy or sell a property? Let The Heather Woodward Team help. You can contact me on my cell phone (970)596-1394 or send me an email at

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