Crested Butte Music Festival 2019

Dated: 06/12/2019

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Music festivals are such great treats for a community. They bring an opportunity for people from all walks of life to simply experience and enjoy music.  As we all know, music can bring out the best in us, and has the power to change our mood. I know it does for me!
Music festivals are also a great platform for different artists to showcase their songs and is set up to cater to people’s interest in all sorts of music genres that they find appealing to them. Crested Butte has a very special music festival taking place July 1 – 28th. “The Crested Butte Music Festival’s (CBMF) 2019 Season, promises to be an exciting one. First, the Festival will be moving to its stunning new home, the new Center for the Arts in Crested Butte. This $20 million space promises a world-class acoustic environment and a luxurious guest experience. The Festival’s 2019 theme, in motion, will present diverse programming, taking advantage of the space’s beauty and versatility.” CBMF committee says.
This particular festival serves as a platform for diverse music ranging from of all genres, dance performances, and opera. These fun activities cater to the public to help them get inspired and have a greater appreciation if the art form. After all, the mission and vision of the CBMF (Crested Butte Music Festival) is not only a means of entertainment but a valuable organization that serves to inspire a greater appreciation of these art forms, and to help develop the performers of tomorrow. Indeed it does!
The event will be in different venues including the newly remodeled and beautiful Center for the Arts located at 606 Sixth Street in downtown Crested Butte. While its Annual CBMF Gala will be on July 21st, many musicians from diverse backgrounds will gather for this great month of events. “The Festival’s opening night celebration will feature a performance of Philip Glass’s masterpiece multimedia chamber opera, The Photographer – a work that is equal parts opera, theatre, orchestra performance, and ballet. Other season highlights include concerts that feature two of the world’s greatest and most in-demand violinists, Paul Huang and Danbi Um, who will offer three chamber music concerts. Later in the season, baritone Michael Kelly will join the acclaimed Voxare String Quartet in a performance of Ricky Ian Gordon’s chamber opera, Green Sneakers. Mr. Kelly will also perform a candlelit concert of Schubert’s glorious and romantic songs an intimate setting. The cutting-edge Montreal-based string orchestra, collectif9, will share a special evening of their unique arrangements of beloved classical works. CBMF’s famous gypsy jazz musicians, including Vinny Raniolo and the Rhythm Future Quartet (Max O’Rourke, Jason Anick, Olli Soikkeli, and Greg Loughman) will return in an exciting week of Hot Club jazz. Please join us for another exciting season of amazing music!” CBMF committee says. Click the CBMF link to view the list of artists/musicians that will be featured this year.
Don’t miss this fantastic annual occasion! Purchase a ticket now for a specific date, a specific genre, a musician, or band you’d like to support.
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