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We can’t stress how important healthy living is. True, everyone has the right to eat as much as they want, as long as it isn’t harming their bodies, but it is also important to go back to the basics and live a healthy lifestyle. We can achieve this by exercising, having peace of mind, and having good sleeping habits. However, a big chunk that factors into achieving this goal, is by having a good and healthy diet.

Crested Butte Farmers Market is a non profit co-operative that has been in operation for almost 30 years and is doing its best to provide everyone a fighting chance to improve one’s well-being. This great undertaking is to promote, enhance and support the development of local food and the artisan industry, while helping to promote sustainability in agriculture and healthy eating to the community.

Organic foods might be expensive to some, but the farmers market will be providing the freshest produce at affordable prices for consumers. Besides the leafy greens and juiciest, most scrumptious fruits, dairy, animal bi-products, beverages, and meats will be available. In addition to this, local arts and crafts are also available around the area. These will range from jewelry to metal and wood-works.

These events will be held every Sunday on Elk Avenue, between First and Second Streets in Crested Butte, from 9 am to 2 pm, on May 26th through September 1st. There are also mountain restaurants that will have food and drink specials that are in-line with the theme of healthy living.

If this event seems very appealing to you, come on by at opening time to get the best selection of foods. This is also the best time to come, as this event draws a lot of crowds all throughout the day. If you want the best deals, try coming near closing time as many sellers may drop their prices or provide freebies for items that are left on the shelves. Remember also to bring your reusable bags and go “green” with the environment.

For more information regarding the Crested Butte Farmers Market or about Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley, or if you are interested in buying or selling real estate here, feel free to reach out to me. We are here to help! I can be reached at or at (970) 596-1394.

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