Crested Buttes Off Season Perks

Dated: 04/05/2019

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Winter has come to an end, with the ski resort closing this weekend and most of the tourists have returned home.Crested Butte becomes very quiet as we transition to the mud season, a local term used to describe a time period from spring to summer when all the snow melts.

Regardless of this fact, the mud season can actually have a lot of advantages. Below is a list of perks that you can enjoy if you are planning a trip to town or live here and looking for something to do.

Crazy Discounts:

Most of us love shopping, which is a great past time for some (like me), and somewhat therapeutic to others (yes, me again). If you are thinking of going to Crested Butte and the surrounding communities during winter, you might as well buy your winter gear during the off-season.

Here in Crested Butte, many shops provide lots of great deals. At this time, many stores encourage potential shoppers to buy the last of their winter gear. This is a perfect opportunity for one to purchase an item to stock for the next winter season.

Not only do retail shops offer great discounts, but lodges in town do as well. They provide affordable prices for the best rooms.

The Elevation spa, offers neat packages for the off-season. Whether you are looking for relaxation, beautification, or detoxification; or all of the above, you can treat yourself in this 11,000 square-foot facility, located in the Elevation Hotel and Spa. They guarantee that all their therapists are experts focused on their client’s personal wellness.

If you are looking for a good place to spend a vacation on a tight budget, there are many websites online that provide the best deals for locals and tourists.

Biking and Hiking:

During the mud season, there are many hiking and biking trails that open up, once they become dry, of course. One can simply walk or hop on a bike and travel to different areas and enjoy a change of scenery. Hartman Rocks, located in Gunnison, is one that provides an array of trails ranging from easy terrains to challenging steeps, and more difficult ones. Hartmans is also one of the first biking and hiking spots to open in the spring when everything else is still covered in snow. A great thing about hiking and biking here is that there are numerous maps scattered across 8,000 acres of public land. Most routes are meant for mountain bikes and dirt bikes and are hiking friendly.

Snowshoeing, Nordic Skiing and Snowmobiling:

If the weather conditions permit, there are still a few pockets of snow around to go backcountry skiing well into April and May.

Despite being called the “mud” season, or off-season, there are a lot of fun activities to do around town.

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Crested Buttes Off Season Perks

Winter has come to an end, with the ski resort closing this weekend and most of the tourists have returned home.Crested Butte becomes very quiet as we transition to the mud season, a local term

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