Snow On The Sahara

Dated: 01/10/2018

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Crested Butte reports 14 inches of snow in the last 7 days. With only a 33 inch base and 60 inches all season, some locals and visitors are wondering if winter will ever come. While some places around the world are experiencing sub-zero temperatures, here in the Gunnison Valley we are left to wonder why be bought ski passes. It even snowed a total of 39 inches in the Sahara Desert so far this winter.  

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The Sahara Desert

If we can't count on the weatherperson to make it a powder day then it's time to summon ULLR, the Norse God of Snow. In the meantime, send thanks and maybe a beer to your local snow makers who work tirelessly to make enough snow to take you to the bar at Paradise Warming House, The Umbrella Bar at 10 Peaks and The Ice Bar at Uley's Cabin. 

ULLR the Norse God of Snow

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