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Dated: 03/30/2018

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SheJumps (Rockies) have initiated the Get the Girls Out Program which focuses on connecting women, of all ages, in a community, to inspire and empower females to be more outdoor enthusiastic. This is indeed an excellent chance to meet like-minded women in a supportive snow sports environment and a perfect opportunity for women to develop the life skills necessary to succeed in the mountains and in life.

What Is This Organization?
SheJumps (Rockies) is a national campaign to unite women as they support, challenge, mentor and inspire each other in the outdoor sports world. They have continued to create many events to cultivate communities for women to have fun and bond with other women whom may be friends, family members and strangers alike.

When Will It Be?
On April 1, 2018 this amazing organization has put together a ladies only Ski Mountaineering course for advanced skiers to take their backcountry skiing to the next level in the beautiful community of Crested Butte.

What to Expect.
This exclusive, only women’s group, will meet at 10:00 am at Coal Breaker Coffee to prepare, booted up and divided into several groups depending on your ability and the terrain you wish to ski that day.

The groups will then merge and meet back at Butte 66 at 1:00 pm, where each participant will be eligible to get free giveaway with awesome prizes thanks to a few sponsors.

Things to Take Note:

  • This is an event open to all levels, all ages and exclusively for women only.

  • You may avail a season’s pass to get discounted lift tickets amounting to $45 at the Rental Shop.

  • Pre-registered is required in order to obtain a discount.

  • Registration is free however space is limited. So booking in advance is an advantage.

  • Click here to check the website and register.

"Crested Butte is a beautiful community with a lot of fun outdoor activities to do all year long. It is also a place where many people have grew fond off and decided to build a life for their own and for their families."

For more information regarding the Get The Girls Out Event or Crested Butte, or if you are interested in buying or selling real estate here, feel free to reach out to me. We are here to help! I can be reached at or at (970) 596-1394.

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